Sarvatra: In sanskrit Sarvatra means omnipresent

   Sarvatra group of companies is engaged in the field of Humanitarian Demining, Facilities Management, HR outsourcing, IT services, Renewable Energy and Logistics & Documentation.Sarvatra has a network of 10 Offices across locations in India, as well as 2 overseas subsidiary Offices in the Sri Lanka and Russia.

The driving force of Sarvatra has been largely defined and embodied by the dedicated and tireless pursuit of excellence by Senior Ex-Defense personal and dedicated team of principal consultants. Sarvatra’s assets lie in the dedicated workforce and team of professionals powering the growth in the different verticals of the operations of the group. The demining company of the group has the distinction of clearing the largest minefields of Sri Lanka in the record time.

  • •  Sarvatra understands that each of its customers is unique. It is for this reason that we provide excellent customized customer service.

  • •  Sarvatra adjusts all capabilities of its service delivery according to its customer's needs.

  • •  Through the use of local resources and global expertise, Sarvatra has the capability to optimize its service schedule by incorporating the best available resources.

  • •  Local resources are given priority to optimize and economize the project costs.

  • •  Sarvatra's dedicated personnel are available to assist with project support and execution to ensure utmost satisfaction.

We regard ourselves committed to serving the community as responsible citizens.